5 June 2005



About Schmit by Alexander Payne 2002
Adaptation by Spike Jonze 2002
Accattone by Passolini 1961
The African Queen by John Huston 1951
L'age D'or by Luis Bunuel 1930
Aguire, the Wrath of God by Warner Herzog 1972
赤ひげ/Akahige by Kurosawa 1965
赤い髪の女/Akai Kamino Onna by Kumashiro Tatsumi1979
秋日和/Aki biyori by Ozu 1960
A.I by Steven Spielberg 2001
Alfie by Lewis Gilbert 1966
Alice doen't live here anymore by Marin Scorsese 1974
Alice in the Cities by Wenders 1974
Alien by Rydry Scott
All about Eve by Joseph L Mankie 1950
All about my mother by Pedro Almodovar 1999
Alphaville by Godard 1965
Altered States by Ken Russell 1980
All or Nothing by Mike Leigh
Amadeuz by Milos Forman 1984
Amarcord by Fellini 1974
Amelie by Jean-Pierre Jeunet 2001
The American Friend by Wim Wenders 1977
American Graffiti by George Lucas 1973
Amores Perros by Alejandro Gonzales Inarritu 2000
Anatomy of Crime by Otto Preminger 1959
Annie Hall by Woody Allen 1977
Another Country by Marek Kanievska 1984
The Apartment by Billy Wilder 1960
Apocalypse Now by Francis Ford Coppola 1979
Aria 1987
Ascenseur pour l'echafaud by Luis Malle 1958
Ashes and diamond by Andrei Wajda 1958
L'aventura by Antonioni 1960


Bad Education by Almadovor 2003
悪い奴らほどよく眠る/The Bad Sleep Well by Kurosawa 1960
Bakushu by Ozu 1951
Band of Outsiders by Godard 1964
晩春/Banshun by Ozu 1949
Barbarella by Roger Vadim 1967
Barry Lyndon by Stanley Kubrick 1975
Barton Fink by Cohen Brothers
Beetle Juice by Tim Burton 1988
Being John Malkovich by Spike Jonze 1999
Belle de Jour by Luis Burunel 1967
Bellisima by Visconti 1951
Ben Hur by William Wyler 1959
Bicycle Theif by De Sica 1948
The Big Red One by Samuel Fuller 1980
The Birds by Alfred Hitchcock 1963
The Bitter Tears of Petra von Kant by Fassbinder 1972
Black Cat, White Cat by Emir Kusturica 1998
Blow-up by Antonioni 1966
Blue by Derek Jarman 1993
Blue Velvet by David Lynch 1986
The blues Brothers by John Landis 1980
Bonnie and Clyde by Arthur Penn 1967
Boyz 'N the hood by John Singleton 1991
Brazil by Terry Gilliam 1985
Brief Encounter by David Lean 1945
Breaking Waves by Lars von Trier 1996
Brethless by Godard 1960
The Bridge on the River Kwai by David Lean 1957
Buena Vista Social Club by Wenders 1999
Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid by George Ray Hill 1969
Bye Bye Brazil by Carlos Diegues 1979

- C -
Cabaret by Bob Fosse 1972
The Cabinet of Dr. galigari by Robert Wiene 1919
Callas Forever by Zefferelli 2002
Caligola by Tinto Brass 1979
Car Wash by Michael Schults 1976
Carandiu by Hector Bebenco 2003
Caravaggio by Derek Jarman 1986
Les Carabin'ers by Godard 1963
Catch 22 by Mike Nicholas 1970
Chainatown by Roman Polanski 1974
Un Chien Andalou by Luis Bunuel 1928
Chungking Express by Wong Kar-Wai 1994
Citizen Kane by Orson Wells 1941
A Clock Work Orange by Kubrick 1971
Close encounters of the Third Kind by Spilberg 1977
Code Unknown by Michael Haneke 2000
Conversation Piece by Luchino Visconti 1974
The Cook, the Thief, his Wife and her Lovers by Peter Greenaway 1989
The Comformista by Bertolucci 1970
Contempt by Godard 1963
Crime of Passion by Ken Russell 1985
Cross of Iron by Sam Peckinpah 1977
Cruching Tiger Hidden Dragon by Amg Lee
Cure by Kiyoshi Kurosawa 1997
Cyclo by Anh Hung Tran 1995

-D -
The Damned by Visconti 1969
Dance with Strangers by Mike Newell
Dancer in the Dark by Lars von Trier 2000
Das Boot by Wolfgang Petersen 1981
Day for Night by Truffaut 1973
The Devils by Ken Russel 1971
Death in Venice by Visconti 1971
Death of Five Voices by herzog 1995
Decameron by Passolini 1971
Deer Hunger by Michael Cimino 1978
Deru Uzala by Kurosawa 1975
Devil in the Flesh by Jean Aurenche and Pierre Bost 1947
Diabolique by Henri-Georges Clouzot 1954
Dial M for Murder by Hitchcook 1954
The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie by Luis Bunuel 1972
Divorce Italian Style by Pietro Germi 1962
Drowing by Numbers by P. Greenaway 1988
Dr. Strange Love by Kubrick 1964
Drunken Master by Yuen Woo-ping 1978
Doctor Zhivago by David Lean 1965
Dogma 95 by Lars von Trier 1998
Dogville by Lars von Trier 2003
Don't Look Now by Nicholas Roeg 1973
Down Fall 2003
La Dolce Vita by Fellini 1960
Down by Law by Jim Jarmusch 1986
Drowing by Numbers by Peter Greenaway 1988

- E -
Easy Rider by Denis Hopper
8 1/2 by Fellini 1963
8 Women by Francois Ozon 2002
El Topo by Alejandro Jodorowsky 1970
Les Enfants du Paradis by Marcel Carne 1945
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind by Michael Gondry 2004

- F -
Faces by Cassavettes 1968
Far Away So Close by Wenders 1993
Farewell my Concubine by Chen Kaige 1993
Fargo by Joel Coen 1996
Fellini Satyricon by Fellini 1970
Fitzcarraldo by Herzog 1982
The 400 Blows by Truffaut 1959
5 x 2 by Francois Ozon 2004
Fallen Angels by Wong Kar-Wai 1995
Forbidden Games by Rene Clement 1952
Full Metal Jacket by Kubrick 1987
Full Monty by Peter Cattaneo 1997
Funny Game by Michael Haneke 1997

- G -
Gandhi by Richard Attenborough 1982
Gaslight by George Cukor 1944
Gate of Hell by Teinosuke Kinugasa 1953
Get Carter by Mike Hodge 1971
Gloria by John Cassavetes 1980
The God Created Women by Roger Vadim 1956
The Godfather by Coppola 1972
The Godfather II by Coppola 1974
The Godfather III by Coppola
Goldfinger by Guy Hamilton 1964
おはよう/Good Morning by Ozu
Gosford Park by Robert Altman 2001
Gothic by Ken Russell 1984
The Graduate by Mike Nicholas 1967
Grand Illusion by Jean Renoir 1937

- H -
八月のラプソディー/Hachigatsu no Rapshody by Kurosawa 1991
Hairspray by John Walter
白雉/Hakuchi by Kurosawa 1951
Hannah and her Sisters by Woody Allen 1986
Happy Together by Wong Kar-wai 1997
A Hard Days Night by Richard Leaster 1964
Hedwig and the Angry Inch by Joh Cameron Mitchell 2001
Hero by Yimou Zhang 2002
天国と地獄/High and Low by Kurosawa 1962
Hiroshima Mon Amour by alain Resnais 1959
History of the World by Mel Brooks 1981
The Holy Mountain by Alejandro Jodorowsky 1973
Hotel Ruwanda by Terry George 2004
How to Marry Millionaire by Joen Negulesco 1953
House of Flying Daggers by Zhang Yimou 2003
Husband and Wives by Woody Allen 1992

- I -
生きる/Ikiru by Kurosawa 1960
生きものの記録/Ikimonono Kiroku by Kurosawa 1955
In the Mood for Love by Wong Kar-Wai 2000
Innocent by Visconti 1976
Ivan the Terrible by eisenstein 1945

- J -
Jesus of Nazareth by Zefferelli 1977
Ju Dou by Zhang Yimou 1990
Jules et Jim by Truffaut 1962
Juliet of the Spirits by Fellini 1965

- K -
影武者/Kagemusha by Kurosawa 1980
Kes by Ken Roach 1969
The Killing Fields by Roland Joffe 1984
Killing Me Softly by Kaige Chen 2002
King Kong by Ernest B. Schoedsack 1933
King Kong vs Godzilla by Inoshiro Honda 1963
King Lear by Peter Brook 1971
The King of Commedy by Scorsese 1985
Kiss of the Spiderwoman by Hector Babenco 1985
Knife in the Water by Roman Polanski 1962
締死刑/Koshikei by Oshima 1968

- L -
修羅雪姫/Lady snowblood by Toshiya Fujita 1973
The Last of England by Derek Jarman 1988
Last Tango in Paris by Bertolucci 1973
Last Year at Marienbad by Alain Rersnais 1961
The Lair of the White Worn by Ken Russell 1988
The Last temptation fo Christ by Scorsese 1988
The Leopard by Visconti 1963
Life is Miracle by Emir Kusturia 2004
Life on a String by Kaige Chen 1991
Living in Oblivion by Tom Dicillo 1995
Lolita by Stanley Kubrick 1962
The Lower Depths by Kurosawa 1957
Ludwig by Visconti 1972
Lumiere and Company by Wenders 1996

- M -
Macbeth by Kurosawa 1957
The Man and Woman by Claude Lelouch 1966
Madadayo by Kurosawa 1993
The Madness of King George by Nicholas Hytner 1994
The Magdalene Sisters by Peter Mullan 2002
Mahler by Ken Russell 1974
Manhattan by Woody Allen 1979
Marat/Sade by Peter Brook
The marriage of Maria Brawn by Fassbinder 1979
Masculin feminin by Godard 1966
Mean Street by Scorsese 1973
Medea by Lars von Trier 1988
Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence by Oshima 1983
Metropolice by Filitz Lang
Midnight Cowboy by John Schlesinger 1969
Million Doller Baby by Clint Eastwood 2004
Midway by Jack Smight 1976
Monty Python's Flying Circus 1969
Monty Python and the Holy Grail 1975
Motercycle Diaries by Walter Salles 2004
Mr. Smith Goes to Washington by Frank Capra 1939
My Darling Clementine by John Ford 1946
My Fair Lady by George Cukor 1964

- N -
Night of Living Dead by George Romeno 1968
1900 by Bertolucci 1977
Nobady Knows by Koreda 2003
Norma by Rae MartinRitt 1979
North by Northwest by Alfred Hitchcock 1959
Nosferatu by Herzog 1979
Nostalghia by Tarkovsky 1983
Notre Musique by Godard 2004

- O -
O Brother, Where art Thou by Cohen Brothers 2000
お茶漬けの味/Ochazuke no Aji by Ozu 1952
One flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest by Milos Forman 1975
Open City by Rossellini 1946
Opening Night by Cassavettes 1977
The President Men by
Orpheus by Jean Cocteau 1950
Old Boy by Park Chan-wook 2003
Ossessione by Visconti 1943
Our Man in Havana by Carol Reed 1959

- P -
Paris Texas by Wenders 1984
La Passion de Jeanne d'Arc by Carl Th. Dreyer 1928
Paths of Glory by Stanley Kubrick 1957
Patton by Frank Schaffner 1970
Pepe-le-Moko by Julien duvivier and Henri Jeanson 1937
The Perfect Human by Lars von Trier 2003
Persona by Ingmar Bergman 1967
Le Petit Soldat by Godard 1960
Pianist by Polanski 2002
Piano Teacher by Michael Haneke
Pierrot le Fou by Godard 1965
The Pink Panther by Bake Edwards 1963
The Pillow Book by Peter Greenaway 1996
Polterguist by Tobe Hooper 1982
The Postman always Ring Twice by Toy Garnett 1946
In Praise of Love by Godard 2001
Prospero's Book by Peter Greenaway 1991
The Producers by Mel Brooks 1968
Psycho by Hitchcock1960

- R -
Raging Bull by Scorsese 1980
Raise the Red Lantern by Zhang Yimou 1991
乱/Ran by Kurosawa 1985
羅生門/Rashomon by Kurosawa 1951
愛のコリーダ/Realm of Senses by Oshima 1976
Rear Window by Hitchcock 1954
Rebecca by Hitchcock 1940
Red Dessert by Antonioni 1964
Red Light by Cedric Kahn
Reservoir Dog by Tarantino 1992
Rocco and his Brothers by Visconti 1960
Rocky Horror show 1985
Roger and Me by Michael Moor 1989
Romeo and Juliette by Zefferelli 1968
Rosemarry's Baby by Polanski 1968
The Rule of the Game by Jean Renoir 1939
Russian Ark by Sokurov 2002

- S -
Sacrifice by Tarkovsky 1986
Salo by Passolini 1976
Salome's Last Dance by Ken Russell 1988
Samson and Derrira by Herzog 2002
秋刀魚の味/Sanmano Aji by Ozu 1962
Santa Sangre by Alejandro Jodorowsky 1989
The Scent of Green Papaya by Anh Hung Tran 1993
Sebastiane by Derek Jarman 1976
The Serchers by John Ford 1956
Secret and Lies by Mike Leigh 1996
Senso by Visconti 1954
青春残酷物語/Seishun Zankoku Monogatari by Oshima 1960
七人の侍/Seven Samurai by Kurosawa 1956
The Seventh Seal by Ingmar Bergman 1957
Shane by George Stevens 1952
Shanghai Triad by Yimou Zhang 1995
She's gotta have it by spike Lee 1986
新宿泥棒日記/Shinjyuku Dorobo Nikki by Oshima 1969
飼育/Shiiku by Oshima 1961
色情雌市場 by Noboru Tanaka
Shock Corridor by Samuel Fuller 1963
Shoot the Piano Player by Traffaut 1960
Sideways by alexander Payne 2004
Sleeper by Woody Allen 1973
Solaris by Tarkovsky 1972
Some like it Hot by Billy Wilder 1959
早春/Soshun by Ozu 1956
Spartacus by Stanley Kubric 1960
Stalker by Tarkovsky 1979
Stalag 17 by Billy Wilder 1953
Stromboli by Rossellini 1949
道/La Strada by Fellini 1956
Stranger than Paradise by Jim Jurmush 1984
Stray Dog by Kurosawa 1972
The Story of Qiu Ju by Yimou Zhang 1992
ひまわり/Sunflower by DeSica
Supersize Me 2004
Sweet Sixteen by Ken Loach 2002
Swimming Pool by Francois Ozon 2003

- T -
Talking Pictures by Manoel de Olivelira 2003
Taste of Cherry by Abbaskiarostami 1997
Taxi Driver by Scorsese 1976
La Terra Trema by Visconti 1947
天使のはらわた、赤い教室/Tenshi no Harawata, Akai Kyoshitsu by Chusei Sone
Temptress Moon by Kaige Chen 1996
Tess by Polanski 1979
鉄夫/Tetsuo by Shinya Tsukamoto 1988
The Thin Red Line by Terrence Malick 1999
The Third Man by Carol Reed 1949
蜘蛛巣城/Throne of Blood by Kurosawa 1957
The Time of the Wolf by Michae Haneke 2003
東京物語/Tokyo Monogatari by Ozu 1953
東京戦争後陽秘話/Tokyo Sensougo Hitsuwa by Oshima 1970
To Live by Yimou Zhang 1994
Tora Tora Tora by Fukasaku, Fleischer 1970
Topsy-Turvy by Mike Leigh 1999
Total Recall by James Cameron 1990
Trainspotting by Danny Boyle 1996
Triple Agent by Eric Rohmer 2004
2001 Space Odessey by Kubric 1968
Twelve Angry Men by Sidny Lumet 1957
28 days by Danny Boyle
The 39 Steps by Alfred Hitchcock 1935

- U -
雨月物語/Ugetsumonogatari by Mizoguchi 1954
浮草/Ukigusa by Ozu 1959
生まれてみてはみたけれど/Umaretewa Mita Keredo by Yasujiro Ozu 1932
Umberto D by DeSica 1955
The Umbrellas of Cherbourg by Jacque Demy 1964
Underground by Emir Kusturica 1995
Under the Sand by Francois Ozon 2000
Until the End of the World by Wenders 1991

- V -
Vera Drake by Mike Leigh 2003
Videorome by David Cronenberg 1982
Virtigo by Alfred Hitchcock 1958

- W -
Weekend by Godard 1968
West Side Story by Robert Wise 1961
Wethering Heights by Peter Kosminsky 1992
Wild Stroberries by Ingmar Bergman 1957
Woman in Love by Ken Russell 1969
Woman on the verge of a nervous breakdown by Almadover 1988
砂の女/Woman in Dune by Teshigawara
Woman is Woman by Godard 1961

- Y -
四畳半襖裏張り by Tatsumi Kumashiro
ゆきゆきて進軍/Yukiyukite Shingun  by Kazuo Hara
夢/Yume by Kurosawa 1990
Young Frankenstein by Mel Brooks 1974
用心棒/Youjinbo by Kurosawa 1961

- Z -
座頭市/Zatoichi by Takeshi Kitano 2003

007 Series

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